No decision – be it a purchase, a vote, or a major life move – is made in a space separate and apart from the multifaceted context of our lives.

So why does most research pluck consumers out of the rich complexity of real life and expect authentic insight?


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The most forward-thinking marketing, innovation, and design comes from an genuine connection between brands and consumers.

We use technology to see your consumers as a whole person who acts differently in different situations. We share their holistic perspective so you can get a real-time understanding about who they are and what drives their behavior.

Contextual and authentic insights make business decisions more empathetic and strategic.




segment illumination

A B2B business unit wanted to understand why two seemingly identical groups of healthcare professionals preferred different brands of a baby care product.

behavior exploration

An insurance company needed to understand why consumers weren't using a long-term investment service. Their irrational behavior didn't align with the prevailing wisdom.

product innovation

A CPG company needed to know which unmet needs across a variety of usage occasions took priority for new production innovation.