Taking Offline Qual Online: Hopes, Opportunities, Realities. Part 1 of 2 

Bob Lederer interviews Katja about challenges and opportunities for doing high level online qualitative market research, including decision factors and elements of good online qualitative. Part 1 of 2.

How to Find the Right Online Qualitative Platform

How do you find the right platform for online qualitative research among the plethora of platforms and providers? We provide three simple criteria plus what kind of questions to ask a provider.

In Their Shoes and Through Their Eyes

Another article in our successful online qualitative series: two powerful case studies, five factors for successful, in-depth online projects, and ideas where and how to use online qualitative.

What Ails Market Research and How to Fix It

Beacon Senior Adviser Olin Hoover discusses challenges faced by market research professionals today, reasons for them, and three clear solutions to address them.

Insights about Social Media Engagement

Through qualitative research, we gained deeper insights into consumers’ mindsets and reveal subconscious, deep motivators for consumer social media engagement shared across cultures.

Colorword Communication - A Strategic Guide

A reference guide for anyone who has to write professionally and wants to communicate more effectively. It outlines successful strategies for how to create resonant and spot-on communications.

Taking Offline Qual Online: How to Deal with Bias. Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of Bob Lederer's two-part interview with Katja about challenges, opportunities, and bias when doing online qualitative research - and how to mitigate it. Part 2 of 2. 

Getting to Know ALL of You: Strategic Empathy

Consumers and indeed all human beings have multiple selves, driven by context and other factors. Understanding consumers holistically enables more comprehensive strategies. 

ESOMAR: Deeply Understanding the Mind to Unmask the Inner Human 

Successful marketing strategies require an understanding how humans process information and make decisions. This paper focuses on the latest understanding and draws implications for research. 

Bias and the Election: What No One is Talking About

In her latest Greenbook article Katja discusses a personal revelation that lead to a renewed focus on bias, not just in consumers but also in researchers and decision makers.

Marketers vs. Millennials - A 3 Country, 4 Company  Exploration

We took a look beyond the stereotypes and discovered a passionate, often paradoxical, deeply interconnected, and highly ambitious generation that both defies and loathes stereotypes about itself.

Florida Orange Juice - Advertising Strategy

With an ever-shrinking marketing budget, we worked with the Florida Citrus Commission to understand more about how to make orange juice  relevant to boost sales.

Deep in Leading Edge Marketing Research

Katja co-authored a chapter about the importance of researching and reaching the subconscious mind and how to turn these insights into actionable strategies.

Conquering Online Qualitative Research Myths

Are myths stopping you from engaging in online qualitative research? We are looking at several of them and offer some surprising thoughts about the benefits of online qualitative research.

Food For Thought: Bias Can Be Addressed 

Knowledge is not Acceptance! Action requires acceptance. In her followup Greenbook article Katja suggests inspiration from a very unusual source for thinking about and addressing bias.

Important Books for Insights Professionals 

This LinkedIn post by Katja lists a number of important, insightful, and inspiring books that further an understanding of the human mind, decision making, behavior, and emotion vs. reason.

Trend Flash Interview - November 2009

German language interview with Katja about the role of the subconscious mind in marketing, market research, and leveraging the latest understanding in the mind sciences.


"Just because we don't understand doesn't mean that the explanation doesn't exist." 

-Madeleine L'Engle