The Power of Collaboration

In early 2016 four companies decided that while much is known about Millennials, stereotypes still abound, and no one had dug into how they feel about market research and marketing in general. Heartbeat Technologies, Frame Consulting, 20-20 Research, and Beacon Insight Group set out to learn from 27 Millennials in Canada, Mexico, and the US and an additional 1,000 Millennials in Canada and the US. In 2017 we updated our research and focused in particular on women in collaboration with Grayce&Co, the marketing agency for women.

Why More Millennial Research?

This is not your typical collection of statistics and assertions about Millennials - why they are the saviors of society or the downfall of western civilization…We wanted to look beyond the stereotypes and discovered a passionate, often paradoxical, deeply interconnected, and highly ambitious generation that both defies and loathes stereotypes about itself. Our 2017 research also outlines specific guidelines for marketers.



Click on the image to hear 5 Millennials from the United States, Canada, and Mexico introduce themselves and what is important to them. Download the report to learn more about:

  • Millennial Values: Layers of Connection
  • Millennial Views on Big Business: How to do it Right
  • Millennials and Market Research: What Matters Most