Empathy is a true change in perspective from the outside view to seeing the world through your consumers’ eyes.

Curiosity about what makes people who they are and why they do what they do.

Honesty to shed light on the complex reality of consumers’ lives and the biases that can color our perceptions.

Authenticity in sharing the many selves of the modern consumer because we are conscious of wearing many hats ourselves.

Cooperation and partnership leads to better (and more fun) research - being flexible and agile allows us to meet client needs.

Kaizen is an iterative process of growth that prioritizes continuous improvement and learning.


Elizabeth Carger, MA - CEO

Educated at the University of Chicago, Elizabeth has spent her career analyzing consumer linguistics and symbolic imagery. She is driven by the conviction that truly listening and understanding what someone’s life is about is at the core of meaningful communication. Focusing on investigating the emotional and psychological terrain of consumer products and brands, she has worked across many sectors in all corners of the globe. Her love of politics and social issues has given her extensive experience working with non-profits to further their important missions.

Katja (Bressette) Cahoon, LCSW, MBA - Chief Advisor

Bridging the mind sciences and business, Katja is a veteran market researcher and licensed psychotherapist in private practice. She started her career in trend and future research with Audi before becoming Director of Strategic Initiatives at Olson Zaltman. Passionate in her work, Katja has presented at conferences such as ESOMAR and IIEX as well as served as adjunct faculty at William James College and Stephen’s College. Having lived in different countries from an early age, Katja learned to be a close observer of human nature - this later transformed into a desire to understand more deeply and to have a positive impact on behavior. 

Paul Mossine - Videography Director

Paul Mossine is a videographer, photographer, editor, and teacher based in Columbia, Missouri. Paul graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism with a degree in Photojournalism and International Studies and has worked on a variety of projects with NGOs in Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, and the United States. In addition to guiding Beacon's video design, he works as an editor for a production house in Columbia and teaches photography at Mizzou.

Selene Madrid - Business Development Director

Selene has worked as a marketing and sales director in the senior living, hospice and home health-care industries. As a marketing and sales professional, she has participated in various community organizations in leadership capacities and has been the recipient of numerous awards. Selene is driven by the opportunity to collaborate with clients to solve problems and fuel growth.

Olin Hoover, MBA - Advisory Board Member

Between his time at General Mills, MARS, and Campbell’s, Olin has over three decades of experience creating strategies for global CPG companies. As a senior leader of Consumer & Customer Insight teams at Campbell’s, Olin focused on growing core businesses through innovation and strategy rooted in consumer insights.

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"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

- Eleanor Roosevelt